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'PR' WOW & Naitok Bravin The Tempest

Tempest's Info:
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Variety: Mini
Height: 14.75
Weight: 12 lbs
Eye Color: Brown/Brown

Health information:
Factor VII Status: Clear By Descent
OFA Thyroid:
OFA Cardiac:
OFA Knees: AKK-PA76/14F/P-VPI



Tempest's Photo Gallery

Tempie was the first baby born here at World of Wonder. She was a such a small little thing we were afraid she wouldn't make it. But Tempie was made of much tougher stuff than that! She was a very spoiled little puppy and terrorized both her mommy and Kukai. Tempest was a gorgeous dog and but had a very shy temperament. So she was never considered for our breeding program. because of shy personality though we wanted to find the perfect home for her that would help her mature into a confident adult. That home came along when she was a year old. A retired couple in CO who already had a nuetered male Alaskan Klee Kai were looking for a friend for him. They had no small children and lived in a house in the mountains where Tempest could run and play with her new boyfriend.This was exactly what I was looking for her, I just couldn't believe we found it!

Tempest's Pedigree


Kiah 'PR' Kiyo Nakit Alasco 'PR' Unimak Nakit Alasco 'PR' Chilkoot Charlie
'PR' Kluane
'PR' Mikiyomik Nakit Alasco 'PR' Tanaina's Inuk
'PR' Alaska's Own Kimmik
'PR' Jemira's Kaysa 'PR' Alaska's Juneau Chip
'PR' Alaska's Own Genny 'PR' Atka
'PR' Alaska's Own Pepsi


Alyeska GRCH 'PR' Shalimar's Lukaya Cheyne GRCH 'PR' Jemira's Puff Daddy V Shalimar 'PR' Jemira's Slow Southern Style
'PR' Jemira's Aniak
GRCH 'PR' Jemira's Kiesha V Shalimar BIS BIMBS 'PR' Jemira's Asa Nakit Alasco
GRCH 'PR' Alasco's Hot Nuya Jemira
CH 'PR' Alyeska Mikiyok Inuyak GRCH 'PR' Helderberg Buddybuoy Nakit Alasco GRCH 'PR' Kokak's Tamarak
Alaska's Own Blue Eyes
'PR' Alyeska Hope 'PR' Tanaina's Inuk
CH 'PR' Mikiyok Nakit Alasco


For pedigre information see AKKAOA's AKK Pedigree Database

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