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Stud Use Information:

The female must be at least 18 months, preferably 24 months or older.

She must be Registered with UKC and we will need a copy of her Pedigree.
Here at WOW AKK we are trying to lower the inbreeding coeffient of the breed so we may decline a female who we feel is too closely related to our male.

We don't require that she have a show title (although preferred) but she must not have any disqualifying attributes.
If we have not seen her in person we require a number of pictures before agreeing to the breeding.
A face shot, one from above showing the back, one from the front to show the structure of the front legs, one from behind, a side view showing the top line, and any others you would like to share.

A copy of her most recent blood work. It cannot be more than a year old and preferably less then 6 months.

Screened for Brucellosis within 30 days of breeding.

A copy of her factor VII report showing her to be normal/clear or a statement from the breeder saying the parents were clear therefore she is by descent.
If a breeder is looking to replace their Carrier female we will do a Clear to Carrier Breeding.

We would prefer her to have her CERT and be OFA certified for patella, thyroid, and cardiac. But a completed BQE from the breeder or a vet report we can supply you with will suffice.

The female must come to us and her owner is responsible for all her traveling expenses.

All breedings are supervised for the safety of both dogs.

Stud fee is $1000.00 total

We ask for $500.00 up front at the time of the stud agreement signing. If there is no tie then a full refund will be issued. This does not include any expenses incurred with her transportation, only the $500.00.

We guarantee at least one live puppy. If she fails to produce one or the puppy suffers from fading puppy syndrome we will refund the $500.00 or repeat the breeding.

If more than one puppy is produced we require the remainder of the stud fee to be paid by the time the puppies are 4 weeks of age.

By request we may on occasion do a studding for a puppy back or trade stud use.

When done for a puppy back there is no money exchanged up front, just a contract signed stating that if there is more than 1 puppy born we get one back from the litter. If only one is born the bitch's owner keeps it and the contract is considered fulfilled.

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