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Sapphira title


Sapphira's Info:

Sex: Female (Unaltered)
Variety: Standard
Height: 15.5 inches

Weight: 17 lbs
Eye Color: Blue/Blue
Red Factor: Yes

Health information:
Factor VII Status: Carrier by DNA
OFA Thyroid: AKK-TH122/52F-NOPI
OFA Cardiac:
Results: Normal

CHIC Number: pending


Poor Sapphira doens't have a photo array yet :( She came to us this fall and hadn't got her coat back from her last litter of puppies yet. Once she's back in full coat we'll be fixing that :) She's such a sweet little girl who loves to cuddle and play with the puppies. The first time I took her to the beach I was completely shocked when she ran out into the water and started swimming around like a lab! She shows the same enthusiasm when we go hiking. She has a amazing movement and should be a Grand Champion soon.



Sire: CH 'PR' Wild West's Billy The Kid

Max CH 'PR' Frosty Nakit Alasco 'PR' Unimak Nakit Alasco 'PR' Chilkoot Charlie
'PR' Kluane
CH 'PR' Mikiyomik Nakit Alasco 'PR' Tanaina's Inuk
'PR' Alaska's Own Kimmik
'PR' Helderberg's Lil Orphan Annie GRCH 'PR' Helderberg Buddybuoy Nakit Alasco GRCH 'PR' Kokak's Tamarak
Alaska's Own Blue Eyes
'PR' Helderberg's Bemibabi 'PR' Kiska Nakit Alasco
'PR' Shumagin Nakit Alasco

Dam: CH 'PR' Helderberg's Jewel of Wild West

Jewel CH 'PR' Bonnie Blue Nakit Alasco 'PR' Tanaina's Inuk 'PR' Alaska's Juneau
'PR' Tanaina
'PR' Alaska's Own Nenana 'PR' Atka
'PR' Kaiel
GRCH 'PR' Helderberg's Tukute GRCH 'PR' Helderberg Buddybuoy Nakit Alasco GRCH 'PR' Kokak's Tamarak
Alaska's Own Blue Eyes
CH 'PR' Prairieview's Blue Bear-Bear 'PR' Weeman Nakit Prairieco
'PR' Muraia Blue Nakit Alasco


For more pedigre information see AKKAOA's AKK Pedigree Database

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