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Don't be a BYB

"Backyard breeding" sounds benign enough, almost like something that one would want to propagate as opposed to other sorts of breeding. But in the dog breeding world, the term is considered very negative.

The definition of "backyard breeder" (BYB) will vary slightly depending upon who you ask, but generally speaking the term is used to describe a person who casually breeds dogs in the home, probably mating the untested, untitled family pet(s) to recoup the cost of purchase or dog care, to provide pets for their friends and family, and/or to produce another dog "just like Fluffy". Backyard breeders are not particularly knowledgeable about their breed, dogs in general, genetics or the breeding proceedure, and the puppies they produce are low quality, possibly sick or tempermentally unsound. (Please read, "What is a responsible breeder" to learn more about how dog breeding SHOULD be done.)

There really is no reason to breed the family dog. The chance that a haphazardly-mated dog will produce puppies that end up just like the parents is slim. Friends and family who swear they will take a puppy end up missing in action when the time to bring a puppy home actually arrives. Litters end up being much bigger than expected--the planned-for litter of 6 ends up being a litter of 12, and as a result you find yourself overrun with rapidly growing puppies which no one wants. Solution? Live with way more dogs than you planned on, or dump the dogs off at the local shelter, where they will most likely be euthanized with all the other backyard-bred dogs who turned out to be just too much of a hassle for their owners. And as far as making money goes--HA! Between pre- and post-natal veterinary care, advertising for the puppies, feeding the puppies who end up not being sold as quickly as you had hoped, veterinary care for the growing puppies, medical emergencies that arise with the pregnant bitch, and a host of other unexpected expenses, the idea of actually making any money on the sale price of the pups becomes laughable. Then there's the possibility that you could lose your bitch and puppies during or after pregnancy due to complications. Are you really willing to risk the life of your beloved family pet simply to bring more puppies into a world that is already overflowing with homeless, abused, and abandon dogs?

Do the responsible thing and spay or neuter the family dog. Dog breeding is not a joke. It is not a money-making enterprise. It is something that should be left to a few extremely knowledgeable, dedicated people whose only desire is to improve their breed. That is the ONLY ethical reason to breed.


The 10 Best Reasons to Breed Your Dog:

10) You like the idea of having a house overrun by dogs you were unable to sell.

09) You'd rather spend all your money on dog bills than buy that new faux fur coat/build the new house addition/get that new car/buy a boat, etc.

08) You get to spend all your spare time at the vet's office.

07) Making enemies with the neighbors is a big priority on your list of things to do.

06) You never wanted a yard with grass anyway--mud is so much more stylish.

05) Staying up all night bottle-feeding sick/orphaned/bitch-rejected puppies is your idea of a good time.

04) You savor the idea of having to explain to the kids why Fifi didn't come home after that one-way trip to the veterinarian during labor complications.

03) You savor the idea of having to explain to the kids that all the puppies they were so enthusiastically looking forward to having, died.

02) Chewed-up furniture, peed-on rugs, and fur everywhere is THE new "look" for home fashion.

And the number one reason to breed your dog is......

01) Adding to the huge number of genetically inferior/homeless/euthanized dogs is something you've always wanted to do.

Warning graphic descriptions!


ANNOUNCING "THE MIRACLE OF BIRTH" VIDEOTAPE Intended for all those who want to breed little Fluffy in order to let their children experience the "miracle" of birth, this real-time video tape set can either substitute for home breeding or guide you in making the most of your breeding decision.

•Experience the joys of seeing a live puppy pop effortlessly from its mother's body and see her consume the bloody afterbirth! (Most children will squeal with delight when seeing this for the first time - many will make a life-long commitment to celibacy then and there.)

•Enjoy watching the frantic efforts of a breeder trying to resuscitate a still-born puppy.

•See the hilarious actions of a bitch who searches for the puppy she thinks she just dropped but which was quickly tossed into the wastebasket because it was only a blackened, half-developed fetus.

•Reserve a full 36 hours to see the entire set of tapes in one sitting to really share the drama, boredom, and exhaustion of the breeder as she labors to help her struggling bitch in extended labor.

•Watch as a breeder tries to recruit several helpers to carry her dying bitch to the car for transport to the nearest animal hospital in a futile attempt at saving the beloved family pet. (Seeing the children crying and asking what is happening is half the fun!)

•Follow the fun as a breeder and their spouse alternate duties during a full week of 4-hour bottle feedings with a fading puppy while also trying to keep 13 others dry and healthy!

And, as an extra added attraction:

•Laugh with us at the madcap antics of a typical shelter worker as she accepts new animals while keeping a straight face as mom and dad assure little Kevin that the nice lady will take VERY GOOD care of 8-year floppy. Enjoy the thrills as she later shoves unwanted puppies and adult dogs into a gas chamber as she chokes back tears and goes home to try and explain to her children just what she does at work!

•And, for a limited time only, we will include free of charge the video tape of a recent arrest made by the local animal control officer who discovered that someone had falsely declared his male dogs neutered (to save on license fees) and when discovered was planning to do the job himself at home!

The second half of the same bonus tape shows the chagrin of a backyard breeder who was tracked down from her telephone number which was all she ever gave out. This wonderful person would arrange to meet people at local shopping malls where she handed over her 4-5 week-old puppies for $120 each! We were all amazed to find that those 20 puppies she was selling each year all came from the same single bitch and dog.

Yes, if you, or a friend, are considering breeding Fluffy to show children the "miracle" of birth, be sure to get this video and show them the miracle of death at the same time!

We have high hopes for this video, following as it does on the tremendous success of our first effort: "Do It Yourself Home Vasectomy", featuring George 'Squeaky' Baker, and its sequel, "Do It Yourself Home Explosives Mixing", by Bob 'Lefty' Anderson.

Special to the first five purchasers, one frozen still-born puppy - just wait until you take it home and see how the kids' eyes light up as the pup thaws!!

Copyright 1996, John A. McCormick, President and CEO, Nocturnal Aviation Videos.

Reproduction and distribution of this advertisement in its entirety strongly encouraged.

Phone, e-mail, or postal orders NOT accepted, this tape is sold ONLY in person because I REALLY want to meet you.


So, have you gotten the point?

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