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Annie's Info:

Sex: Female (Spayed)
Variety: Standard
Height: 15.25 inches

Weight: 16 lbs
Eye Color: Brown/Blue
Red Factor: Yes
10 gen COI: 23.06%

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Health information: CHIC
Factor VII Status: Clear by DNA
Cert: AKK-170/2008--92
OFA Thyroid: AKK-TH52/91F-VPI
OFA Cardiac: AKK-CA53/91F/P-VPI
OFA Knees:

Annie's Photo Gallery

Annie was one of the most outgoing Klee Kai I have ever met. She loved people of all ages, especially children. She had this wonderful playful personality that made her seem like a puppy that never grew up. Annie retired to a wonderful home in N CA. There she lives like the queen she is as an only dog, except when Morgan comes to visit, but Annie is atill very much in charge.

Sire: GRCH 'PR' Helderberg Buddybuoy Nakit Alasco


Standard Black & White Male with one blue eye and one brown eye.

GRCH 'PR' Kokak's Tamarak
Miniatuure Black & White Male with brown eyes
'PR' Kivalina's Miatok 'PR' Chilkoot Charlie
'PR' Kaiana's Kivalina
'PR' Alaska's Own Tanana 'PR' Atka
'PR' Kaiel
Alaska's Own Blue Eyes
1/2 Siberian
Gray & White with Blue eyed female

Chip Muktuk
Dollar Kamchatka

Dam: 'PR' Helderberg's Bemibabi

No Photo :(

Miniature Gray & White female with brown eyes.

'PR' Kiska Nakit Alasco
Toy size Black & White male with brown eyes.
'PR' Alaska's Juneau Chip
'PR' Tanaina 'PR' Atka
'PR' Kaiel
'PR' Shumagin Nakit Alasco
Standard size Gray & White female with one Blue eye and one Parti eye.
'PR' Kaiana's Nipnuk 'PR' Chilkoot Charlie
'PR' Kaiana
'PR' Glacier Witch 'PR' Atka
'PR' Kaiel

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